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About Us

Our Story

In June 2016, the Northeastern School of Nursing hosted its first Nurse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit & Hackathon. The three-day event attracted hundreds of attendees from around the country. Nurses of all disciplines participated in an event unlike anything they had experienced before.

The resulting outpour of positive feedback made the message clear: Nursing Innovation and Entrepreneurship was much greater than a single event. The opportunity for nurses to engage at the forefront of healthcare innovation was essential—and essentially untapped.

From this, we created an official directive at Northeastern School of Nursing to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Our Mission

Healthcare team inspired. Patient delivered. 

The Mission of our program is to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, physician assistants, health scientists, counseling psychologists, speech pathologists, audiologists, and public health professionals and to provide the tools, education and programming that will help them become leaders in innovation.

Our Vision is to achieve national eminence as a leader of health care innovation for nurses and other front-line healthcare professionals

Why us?

The rapid pace of change in healthcare requires frontline providers to have the entrepreneurial skills to support collaborative and meaningful healthcare innovation. Northeastern University is already known for its real-world experiential approach to learning. It is our mission to become known as the institution that provides opportunities for frontline healthcare professionals at all levels to engage in medical product development, process and system improvement in healthcare, and clinical outcomes research. 

Because nurses are the nation’s largest group of healthcare professionals and have access to patients 24 hours a day, they have a uniquely practical and care-sensitive perspective on healthcare solutions, products, and services. However, we believe that the best and most cost-effective outcomes for patients will only be achieved when all members of the healthcare team partner collaboratively. Under our new name, Healthcare Innovation & EntrepreNURSEship, we will actively engage all members of the healthcare team to foster the creation of the pragmatic and sustainable innovation required for real progress in practice, service, and research.

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Healthcare Innovation & EntrepreNURSEship

360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, United States


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