Nurse Innovation Summit, Friday September 29, 2017

Bring your questions and ideas to the 2017 Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit and share them with entrepreneurs, innovators and thought leaders spanning multiple industries. Take home key insights from our perceptive panelists and keynote speakers and apply them to your own entrepreneurial endeavors. Enjoy a full day devoted to nurse-inspired innovation and entrepreneurship set to address the unmet needs in health and sick care.

What to Expect?

The Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit is a 1-day conference focused on the “How To’s” of creating and inspiring an environment that supports innovation and entrepreneurship in four distinct settings. These settings are divided into four panels:


Warren Nighan
Ann Meyer MBA, RN
Cathy Turner MBA, BSN

Nursing Schools

Nancy Hanrahan PhD, RN, FAAN
Marion Leary MSN, RN
Christine Meehan BSN, MBA


Guardia Banister PhD, RN
Kelley Reilly RN-BC, MSN
Karen Giuliano PhD, MBA, RN


Secretary Alice Bonner
Angela Patterson DNP, FNP-BC, NEA-BC

& Four Keynote Speakers

Dr. Marybeth Pompei
Shawna Butler MBA, RN
Molly K. McCarthy MBA, RN
John Mattison, MD

+ A Bonus Engagement Panel hosted by Deloitte Consulting

Mariya Filipova, MBA
Julie Cooney MBA, RN
Deb Hays MS, BS

Nurses are the natural innovators of health and sick care. This summit is designed for nurses to utilize their raw talent and experience to get to the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. Summit attendees will have access to all four panel presentations where they will gain awareness of the design cycle and the tools needed for creating and conceptualizing cost-effective solutions to pressing issues in healthcare. Over the course of the day the group will split up into two breakout sessions where attendees will get the chance to converse with panelists and keynote speakers.

Learn from ecosystem thought leaders what is possible, needed and necessary to succeed. Join us Friday, September 29th. 

Registration Cost: $195
Includes Food, Materials & 6 Contact Hours

Summit Takeaways

These are some of the takeaways event attendees can expect from the summit:

1.       A strong grasp of the pedagogy of innovation and entrepreneurship in nursing within four spheres of practice.

2.      Tactical knowledge for building an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship as it pertains to nursing.

3.       A newfound sense of community and institutional support among like-minded nurse leaders.

4.       Successful identification of the practices that enable nurses to become innovators and entrepreneurs.

5.       Obtain acute design thought processes as they relate to innovation within the nursing practice.


Dr Marybeth Pompei

Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Scientist, Exergen Corporation

Molly K. McCarthy RN, MBA

Chief Nursing Strategist in the US Health and Life Science Sector, Microsoft

John Mattison, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Shawna Butler RN MBA

Partnerships, Singularity University


Hiyam Nadel MBA, BSN, RN

Nursing Director at Massachusetts General Hospital

Ann M. Corcoran

President, AMC Healthcare Solutions

Shawna Butler RN MBA

Partnerships, Singularity University

Molly K. McCarthy RN, MBA

Chief Nursing Strategist in the US Health and Life Science Sector, Microsoft

Warren Nighan

Senior Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, AngioDynamics

Marion Leary RN, MSN

Director of Innovation Research, University of Pennsylvania

Catherine Turner MBA, BSN, RN-BC

Associate Vice President, MEDITECH

Gaurdia Banister RN, PhD

Executive Director, The Institute for Patient Care, Massachusetts General Hospital

Secretary Alice Bonner

Massachusetts Secretary Elder Affairs

Angela Patterson, DNP, FNP-BC, NEA-BC

Vice President, CVS Health and Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer, CVS MinuteClinic

Christine Meehan BSN, MBA

Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Connecticut

Ann Meyer BSN, RN, MBA

Former Executive Vice President, Clinical Programs at ActiveHealth Management, a subsidiary of Aetna

Kelly Reilly RN, MSN

Director of Research & Evidence Based Practice, Maimonides Medical Center