NP Conference July 13 & 14th 2017

Congratulations! You are on the path toward the first-of- its- kind Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurship conference July 13 and 14, 2017 in Boston, hosted by Northeastern University School of Nursing in collaboration with a small group of very determined nursing leaders. This 1 ½ day program includes 12.25 Contact Hours and alternates heavy-hitter panels and companion interactive break-out sessions facilitated by the panel experts. This is not a clinical conference. This conference is for NPs who want to grow their understanding of the business side of health care, regardless of their work setting.This conference is also about convincing NPs that there are nurse-led business models out there with their names written on them. And doing what it takes to transform NPs into Entrepreneurs!.

Conference Objectives

  • Explain why there is now urgency—and new opportunity– for nurse-led care practices as sustainable business operations
  • Discuss the immense implications of CMS’s imminent shift from Fee For Service to Value-based payments for nurse-led practices
  • Articulate a value proposition benefiting consumers and payers that gives NPs businesses the confidence to compete in the healthcare marketplace
  • Explore tactics that create sustainable NP business operations
  • Build a community of, and institutional support for, like-minded nurse-led business owners

These 1 ½ days are deliberately designed to present big ideas, and then drill down in small breakouts to the challenges in making those ideas work in the real world.  So:

  • Our keynote panel topic is The NP as Market Disrupter, featuring experts from the Federal Trade Commission, Deloitte Consulting and Duke University presenting a message of hope for nurse-led practices trying to fill a primary care physician vacuum.  But at the breakout level, the NP can explore: “How am I a Disrupter?  And how can that be good for me?”
  • In the closing match-up of Day One, panelists include a vocational coach and NPs who have personally taken the plunge into business ownership.  The facilitated breakout makes this personal through a readiness assessment exercise.




   As you’ll read, our agenda speaks to many areas in addition to what being a market disrupter means, and assessing personal readiness: creating a business model that fits the target population and situation, and of course, how to maximize payment. The host of heavy-hitter faculty are a dynamic and engaging group of presenters with much to offer—and a burning desire to share.

Sharing is the last takeaway. Right now there is no network of NP-led practice owners— no pre-fab Old Boys Network to turn to for help solving a problem, for a vendor recommendation, for an externship opportunity, for a mentor. On Day One you will meet peers that share your world for good and for bad. On Day Two we begin Network creation. We look forward to the day when we say: “It is created, it has financial and operational support, it is accessible. And it is good.”

Some important factoids: Northeastern is seeking 12.25 Contact Hour for the entire 1 1/2 day curriculum. Overnight housing is available on Northeastern’s Boston campus.  All that is missing is YOU!


Day 2

7:00 AM  

  8 - 9:15 AM  

  9:30 - 10:30 AM  

  10:45 - NOON  

  12:15 - 1:15 PM  

  1:30 - 2:30 PM  



Facilitator: Christine Meehan, University of Connecticut School of Nursing

Co-facilitator Lynn Rapsilber, NP, NP Business Consultants

  2:45 - 4:00 PM  

  4:15 - 5:15 PM  

  5:30 PM  


Dr Marybeth Pompei


Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Scientist, Exergen Corporation

Nancy Nager MSN, BSN, RN


Founder, President and CEO of Specialized Billing Services and Specialized Healthcare Services, SBSC, Inc.

Christine Meehan BSN, MBA


Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Connecticut

Sandra L Berkowitz, JD, RN


Tara Isa Koslov


Ken Klingensmith


Lucille Gambardella, PhD, CNE, ANEF, CEO


David Unkle, MSN, APN, FCCM


Deborah Paschal, CRNP


Sharon Katz, RN, FPMH-NP,PMH-CNS, BC


Pamela Jones


David Hines


Jon Harris-Shapiro


Barak Richman


Lyron Deputy, NP, MBA, CEO


Lorraine Bock, DNP, ENP-C, FNP-C, PHRN, CEN, FAANP


Lori Crews, MSN, FNP


Lynn Rapsilber



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