Telehealth Conference April 21, 2017


Explore the impact of telemedicine in nursing practice to the extent that nurses are able to analyze potential opportunities for clinical practice integration in their own setting.

Building upon the decades-old modality of telemedicine, telehealth extends the ability to provide services that span an array of channels – thanks to the innovative application of existing and emerging technologies. Nurses are key drivers of telehealth across a variety of settings, and are positioned to positively influence patient outcomes through telehealth implementation. Designed for advanced-practice, registered, and licensed nurses, this presentation investigates the current state of telehealth in the U.S., introduces current and future telehealth applications, explores the telehealth encounter from both the provider and the patient perspective, and suggests best practices and considerations for leveraging telehealth across care settings in which nurses practice.




  • Describe telemedicine as it is currently delivered in the United States.
  • Identify equipment used to support telemedicine encounters.
  • Discuss telemedicine best practices for select clinical settings.
  • Demonstrate appropriate sending and receiving procedures for two-way video telemedicine encounters.
  • Develop implementation strategies for current clinical setting.

Susan Brown, MSN, FNP-BC, CPHIMS

Field Educator, CVS/MinuteClinic